solar for home in white mountains nhBy all measures, 2015 was a record breaking year for the solar industry, and ReVision Energy was no exception. We are so proud of the work we’ve done and the people we get to do it with – our staff and you, our community.

Here are some fun facts looking back at 2015:

2015 record breaking year for solar in maine

  • We installed 592 individual solar electric projects, for a total of 5.7 megawatts of solar – that’s as much as we installed in 2013 and 2014 combined!
  • That’s 17,643 solar modules, enough to cover 6 acres of land with solar panels.
  • Our 2015 contribution of solar panels will produce roughly 7,000,000 kilowatt-hours of clean energy – each and every year – for 25+ years. What does that mean for the environment? The equivalent of:
    • Eliminating the need for 321,552 gallons of oil
    • Taking 602 vehicles off the road
    • Eliminating the burning of 3,000,000 pounds of coal
    • Restoring 2,342 acres of forest
  • Where did we install solar? Leading the pack is Falmouth, ME (27), followed by Andover, NH (24) and Portland, ME (18), then by New London, NH (13) and Concord, NH (12), with 217 other towns/cities in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts represented!
  • We installed solar for a number of really interesting locations, including 6 schools, 1 chocolatier, 1 ice arena, 1 Unitarian church, 1 granola making facility, and 1 Chewonki (who are in a category of their own!)

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