Town lauds solar panels - Kennebec JournalThis week we completed work on a solar installation for Winthrop High School, the latest project in a series of municipal and educational projects installed with grants from Efficiency Maine.

Betty Adams reports:

Solar panels sprouted atop Winthrop High School this week — another part of the town Green Committee’s plan to save energy and money.

On Wednesday, Ryan Herz stepped lightly down the roof, heading for a long yellow ladder.

The project manager for ReVision Energy, of Liberty, needed more parts to hook up the 84 photovoltaic panels on the gently sloping, south-facing school roof.

Herz said the panels, manufactured by Evergreen in Massachusetts, should — 4 percent of the power consumed by the high school.

“Over time, the 4 percent will add up,” he said. “As rates increase, you fix a small portion of your electrical rate for quite a while.”

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