New England has been hit with some hard storms this past year, repeatedly knocking out power for thousands of customers across Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Although grid-tied solar arrays shut off during power outages to protect line workers, battery storage allows panels to continue to feed the battery, thereby providing power to the household until the grid is repaired.

ReVision Energy is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, which means we design customized solar-plus-battery solutions that enable customers to access the free, abundant power of the sun at home and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. We’ve installed hundreds of Powerwalls throughout New England, and are seeing an increased demand for the type of self-reliance that battery storage offers.

After a few of these past storms we checked in with our Powerwall customers to see how they fared:

“The battery has done very well. I think we were out for 62 hours after the Easter storm. We saw it get down to 45% once. It charged up really well, even with limited sun.” —Tom F.

“Everyone in my neighborhood lost power and has been without it for more than 14 hours — but not me, thanks to the Tesla Powerwall. In fact, my battery recharged from the solar today and I am nearly back at 100%. The Tesla is perfect.” —Neta C.

“This system works seamlessly. We are very happy with it. It was expensive, but we’re so glad we did it. This storm is a very clear example of why we needed it!!” —Gail R.

“All in all I am thrilled how the Powerwalls performed and how they were charged from the solar panels even with moderate sun. I am so glad I chose to go with the Powerwalls instead of a big generator. Full shop power with no interruption of service, no noise, and power from the sun. Thanks Revision for making this happen.” —Blaise D.

It’s working! To hear the refrigerator running this morning was such a relief, and we had hot water too.”—Sarah M.

“We lost power (per the handy dandy app) for 33hrs. We were [out of town] at the time so we didn’t experience any personal loss of power, however our entire neighborhood did. SO! After receiving Facebook updates from our friends we reached out to everyone and told them they could go to our house and bathe the kiddos and charge their phones. We have many friends who were grateful for Revision’s work.” —Josh C.

“We have been without CMP power since late last night, and still are, during which time our Powerwall has supplied us silently and flawlessly with the electrical power needed for all our basic needs (e.g., heat, water, lights, internet, refrigerator). With this system we could operate indefinitely without CMP input. That said, could you please order us a Tesla Powerwall for our nearby second residence?” —Bob Z.

“The system worked perfectly, still is as we speak. Power went out during the night, don’t know when, and all critical circuits switched to battery at once. Started at 98 percent charge, went down to 87 percent during morning routines, and then recharged as it got brighter. Still operating on solar/battery. The system operates everything except dryer and electric stove. I would say this was a perfect performance.” —Ted W.

“I know since the install we’ve had at least five outages, two more than five minutes (one about an hour) and the battery has performed flawlessly. On the hour outage we were unaware of the outage until a neighbor called and asked “Aren’t you without power?” since he could see the lights on in the house.” —Robert M.

“Our Powerwall performs seamlessly!” —Mary T.

“The grid was down for 3 days and we just sailed right on through with flying colors. We didn’t even know the power was out until the 3rd day when a guy from the utility came by to let us know they were still working on it.” —Leif H.


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