Sunpower Solar PanelsWith utility electric rates set to rise again and costs of solar continuing to drop, it’s never been better to free yourself from the power company. To make this process easier, ReVision is now able to offer a 20 year solar loan with rates as low as 5.24% through SunPower.

Key features of the new program:

  • Available for SunPower premium solar modules, which boast up to 50% more power per sq. ft. than standard efficiency panels
  • Loan amounts from $15,000 – $50,000
  • Reasonable credit criteria and quick approval
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Option to lower monthly payment after receipt of state/federal rebates

A grid-tied solar electric system allows you to generate your own clean energy straight from your rooftop – eliminating power company profits and reducing the need to fire up conventional coal plants for electricity generation.

ReVision offers a free evaluation if you’re interested in learning about how solar electricity would work for your home – and if you’ve had a quote from us in the past, please take the time to contact us today to see how the costs for solar have declined in the meantime.

SunPower on Homes

Here are some photos of homes where we’ve installed SunPower modules:

Sidney, Maine - Solar Electric

Saco, Maine - Combo Solar Hot Water and Solar Electric

Bath, Maine - Solar Electric

SunPower panels are only available through their high-screened dealer network. ReVision is the only Premier SunPower Dealer in Maine and one of a very few in the Northeast. Contact us to learn more about SunPower’s solar loan program.

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