Space Heating with Solar Power in Richmond, Maine

Randy Lane, proud owner of a ReVision Energy solar hot water system, is going to be opening up his home at 8 Abby Lane in Richmond, Maine on Thursday April 16th from 6-7:30pm.

This will be ReVision Energy’s first ‘sponsored’ Solar House Party event and we hope you consider joining in the fun!

Randy, a 30 year veteran of the building trades, designed and built his home with both active and passive solar applications in mind. The passive solar system is a solarium / greenhouse designed by Lane to provide supplemental space heating.

The active solar hot water application was designed and installed by ReVision Energy. There are 90 evacuated tubes installed on the south facing roof, mounted on a stainless steel racking system at 45 degrees to optimize year round performance. These collectors heat a 160 gallon, super-insulated dual coil storage tank. Hot water from the storage tank supplies both domestic use and supplemental space heating. The system is backed by a high efficiency propane boiler. Lane has been monitoring the energy his systems produce and reports that his savings are quite impressive.

Randy has taken the information he has learned from his own experience and applied it to his building practices. Randy is the founder of New Earth Solutions, Inc., a green general contracting company whose goal is to bring energy efficient solutions to new construction or remodeling clients at an affordable price.

The open house is a chance for those interested or curious about passive or active solar design to come and see it for themselves. There will be a representative from ReVision Energy present to describe how the solar hot water system works. There will be a tour of the systems and plenty of time for questions and answers. The event is free and all are welcome. Please plan to meet at 8 Abby Lane in Richmond by 6pm. If you have questions please contact Jen at (207) 221-6342.

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