South Berwick is the latest Maine municipality we’ve had the pleasure to help go solar – joining a growing list of forward-thinking towns and cities (including Eliot, ME, York, ME Durham, NH, Freeport, ME, Windham, ME, Lincolnville, ME, Dayton, ME, Gorham, ME… and many others). Check out our website’s photo gallery for photos of more municipalities that have made solar investments.

Faced with the expiration of an ARRA-era grant, South Berwick needed solar installed… and fast! ReVision Energy was able to assist, designing, procuring, and installing a 38.88kw American-made Suniva solar energy array in under 3 months. This gorgeous grid-tied photovoltaic array will generate over 46,000 kWh/yr of clean electricity for 25+ years.

Bill Rogers of the Coruway Film Institute (who happens to live across the street from the library) shot this fun, upbeat video about the project, with interview with the Town Manager, Perry Ellsworth and Library Director, Karen Eger. The South Berwick Library’s transformation from an old church to a modern, energy efficient solar-powered learning center is complete! It will serve not only as a practical solar installation, but as an inspiration in the community. We were proud to be part of this fantastic project.