A strong state rebate for solar hot water and high oil prices have lead to a huge demand for solar hot water systems in New Hampshire.

We’ve been all around the Granite State – from Seacoast to the Massachusetts border, up to Lakes Region and nearly to Vermont. Below are some examples of recent work we’ve completed.

Nashua, New Hampshire

Nashua, NH - Solar Hot Water

Since his awning mount solar hot water array was installed in early June, Lou Juris reports that hasn’t needed to use his backup system at all. Going solar for his hot water gives him peace of mind that as costs for energy increase, he won’t face any shocking gas bills.

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Wolfeboro, NH - Solar Hot Water

These 6 flat plate collectors installed in Wolfeboro arrived just in time for 15 guests! Our happy customer says that the entire time the party was there – showering, washing dishes, doing laundry – solar provided 100% of all the hot water.

Deerfield, New Hampshire

Deerfield, New Hampshire - Solar Electricity and Solar Hot Water

Maureen Quinn, who had us install a solar electric system last year, re-invested the proceeds from PV federal tax credit into a solar hot water system. The rebates were just too attractive to pass up, says Quinn, who also is looking forward to decades of hot water and electricity provided by a free fuel source in the sky – the sun.

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