An image of the new 128.34 kilowatt solar electric array at Southwick School, installed by ReVision Energy.

Image by Ian Raymond

Northfield, N.H. (January 12, 2017) — -A solar power switch-on ceremony is scheduled today at 1:30 p.m. at Southwick School, located at 50 Zion Hill Road in Northfield, N.H. ReVision Energy recently installed a 128.34-kilowatt solar electric array on the roof of the school. The school in Northfield adopted solar power at no upfront cost through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with IGS Solar, the owner of the array. The school has a future option to purchase the array at a significant discount.

The grid-tied array consists of 414 Q-Cells solar panels, each rated at 310 watts. The system also includes three SolarEdge inverters, which convert direct current electricity produced by the array into alternating current electricity for use by the school. The array is expected to produce approximately 145,700 kilowatt hours of clean, solar power each year. The production is equivalent to offsetting the carbon emissions from 237 barrels of oil or 22 cars or the electricity use of 15 homes.

The array will offset approximately 75% of the school’s electric load, according to Robert Berry, Director of Facilities. The conversion to solar power saves money for Winnisquam Regional School District but also lowers grid costs for all ratepayers and is a more efficient way to produce power.


Southwick School is part of the Winnisquam Regional School District and offers an interdisciplinary approach to learning for 250 students in grades three through five. Southwick School is the continuation of the elementary program for students who attend Union Sanborn School. Learning is structured around center-based activities, themes and content areas. Learn more at:

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