Despite wide bipartisan support in the House and Senate, Gov Sununu of NH vetoed three important solar bills. The Legislature rejoins on September 18th and has the opportunity to vote to overturn the vetoes.

Join ReVision and Sunsquatch first thing on September 18th at the NH State House to show support for:

House Bill 365 – Increases the cap on solar projects eligible for net metering from 1 MW to 5 MW. This change would lead to increased ratepayer savings, greater energy-independence, reduced utility price volatility, improved grid diversity, local job growth, and tens of millions in new investment.

Senate Bill 168 – Increases New Hampshire’s class 2 Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) from 0.7% to 5.4%. Class 2 RPS mandate the percentage of the state’s total energy needs met via solar. If passed, this bill would increase private investment by as much as $1 billion and add thousands of high-quality, in-state jobs.

Senate Bill 72 – Reduces costs to utility companies due to customers meeting a portion of their energy needs via privately-owned, net-metered solar power. This would create a more equitable energy market that benefits ratepayers as well as local utility companies

If you can’t make it to the State House, please reach out to your NH state senators and representatives! For more details please contact Dan Weeks via [email protected]

Op-Ed by ReVision co-founder Dan Clapp about NH Solar Policy:
“Why is our ‘business-friendly’ governor insulting our business?”

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