Sunsquatch at the computer

Even Sunsquatch has learned a couple of tricks on the computer!

Article from our April “Kids’ Edition” newsletter

ReVision Energy’s solar designers, or System Design Specialists, have adapted to the new rules! They were able to pivot so quickly that they created a cool breeze, and these energetic solar designers are having a good time doing their work while diligently respecting the temporary change in how we all need to behave in our communities.

When we first hear from someone who’s thinking about getting solar power, and wants to know what it will cost for their home, we go through their questions and ours – and then start designing!

With the help of Google Earth’s satellite photography designers can see the outline of someone’s roof, and with provided measurements of the house they can make a model to show someone what their solar array might look like. With an electric bill, which shows how much electricity someone uses, designers can build the right size array for their roof.

Just like how your teachers can read to you from their computers, we can still answer questions “face-to-face” with anyone interested in solar. There are a lot of questions out there, and we love sharing what we know! We think about our work often, because we’re excited about how fast solar power is catching on.

Our designers write down important measurements very carefully, just like always! It’s a great feeling when everything is done to the best that we can do it.

Safety is Always First

These days we’re meeting folks from all across northern New England, and we’re following every rule and even some extra ones we made to make sure we’re all safe.

When someone decides, “Yes! I definitely want to have solar power,” designers do need to visit the actual home to figure out more details, but they can do all of that work outside and talk to people who are inside on the phone.

ReVision employee-owners are extra careful to make sure that everyone’s health and safety comes first.

“What’s an Employee-Owner?”

In short, an employee-owner cares a lot about their work! We care because our company takes care of us so that we can do our best job. When we do our best job, the world gets better. We are all in this together, in so many ways, and the healthier you are, the healthier we are!

Forging Ahead

We do enjoy a good challenge, though, because they can bring growth. We like to think that this crazy year is just a puzzle we have to work on solving together by staying close to home and limiting face-to-face time with other people. Meeting people in person is one of our favorite things, so we want to do everything we can to help get things back to normal.

We believe that once everyone figures out how to solve things together, old challenges become small things. That’s how we’ll keep the planet healthy. So, even though we have to be careful about being nearby other people, we can still feel connected with our amazing tool – the Internet.

This solar designer loves a good rainy day! After all, blue skies and sunshine are usually right behind them. This photo was sent to us by a homeowner from inside their home during their solar site visit.



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