When 500,000 homes and businesses lost power during an October storm, Leif Heimbold didn’t even see the lights flicker as the grid went down in his Maine neighborhood.

“The grid was down for 3 days and we just sailed right on through with flying colors. We didn’t even know the power was out until the 3rd day when a guy from the utility came by to let us know they were still working on it.”

For Leif and our other Tesla Powerwall customers, this storm was an opportunity to test their home’s resilience. We couldn’t be happier with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from so many of these New Englanders.

What Our Solar Customers With Battery Backup Said About the October Power Outage

“I feel so proud I made this difficult decision to invest in solar with battery back up. I feel like it was my ancestors who were prodding me to do this. I kept hearing the words ‘invest in the future.’” – Christine Correa

“This system works seamlessly. We are very happy with it. It was expensive, but we’re so glad we did it. This storm is a very clear example of why we needed it!” – Gail Ringel

“We were in NH at the time so we didn’t experience any personal loss of power, however our entire neighborhood did – SO! – after receiving updates from our friends we reached out to everyone and told them they could go to our house and bathe the kiddos and charge their phones. We have many friends who were grateful for Revision’s work.” – Josh Corbin

“Everyone in my neighborhood lost power and has been without it for more than 14 hours – but not me, thanks to the Tesla Powerwall. In fact, my battery recharged from the solar today and I am nearly back at 100%. The Tesla is perfect.” – Neta Crawford

“We were unaware of the outage until a neighbor called and asked, ‘Aren’t you without power?’ since he could see the lights on in the house.” – Robert McChesney

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