Rhoda Family Solar Hot Water
Side angle view of solar hot water and solar electric collectors on roof

Yesterday we featured the Rhoda Family, one of the first ReVision customers to install three renewable energy systems: solar hot water, wood pellet boiler, and solar electric.

Today we continue a narrative by Chris Rhoda, focusing on their solar thermal (hot water) system.

Chris explains why the great state and federal financial incentives made solar hot water a no-brainer:

I had visited the Augusta Civic Center Home Expo last fall with my father and thought about having a solar thermal system added then. The one vendor I had contacted at the time hadn’t given me a quote so I contacted ReVision Energy and two others.

While Revision’s quote was slightly higher in comparison, I felt the most comfortable with John Luft’s knowledge on the systems and with the company’s reputation. Also having ReVision come to me recommended by Charlie was a good start since I was already impressed with his work and knowledge.

As we were in the middle of re-insulating our home we decided that was the time to move forward with the solar hot water installation. We were able to take advantage of the state rebate, then $2,500 as well as the federal tax credit, at that time 26% the cost of the system capped at $2,000. Because we calculated solar hot water to have the quickest payback, this was our first path.

This narrative is continued to tomorrow, when we’ll learn how the Rhoda’s added an efficient pellet boiler to dramatically decrease the amount of oil they use annually.

UPDATE: Link to Part 1 – Rhoda Family Introduction, Part 3 – reducing oil use with wood pellet boiler, and Part 4 – installing a solar electric (PV) system

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