Well, 40’ish degree temperature and drizzle didn’t stop intrepid staffers Fortunat Mueller, Jen Hatch, Fred Greenhalgh and Will Kessler of ReVision Energy as they rallied with over 100 other participants to plunge into the Atlantic Ocean in support of the Natural Resources Council of Maine.

The Portland Press Herald writes:

More than 100 bathers … made a mad dash into the 44-degree Atlantic Ocean to benefit the Natural Resources Council of Maine’s work to curb global warming.

The annual Polar Bear Plunge, which this year started off with a 5K footrace along Back Cove with about 100 runners, drew more than twice the number of participants that it did in previous years. It was expected to raise more than $16,000, said Stacie Haines, event organizer.

… At the stroke of noon, a roar went up and more than 100 bodies, many dressed in polar bear outfits and other costumes, ran into the water. Just as fast they came running out. Those who stayed behind on the beach laughed, pointed and retreated as the pack of sputtering bathers came dashing back.

From the “Simply Completely Different” camp, ReVision posted this video somewhere in the midst of the holiday haze which is ostensibly related to aforementioned polar dip:

Happy New Year!

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