Sierra Club Referral ProgramWe think the Sierra Club does great work and we are excited to announce a mutually beneficial partnership to support the mission of both organizations. In a nutshell, Sierra Club supporters and members who decide to go solar with ReVision Energy will simultaneously benefit Sierra, because ReVision will make a cash donation back to the Club’s Maine Chapter when the solar installation is complete. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of clean, renewable solar energy while boosting Sierra Club’s efforts.

The Sierra Club’s current priority campaigns include preventing dirty tar sands oil coming through Maine, stopping the proposed East-West highway corridor, and working to clean up the Schiller coal-burning power plant in Portsmouth.

If you’ve been thinking about solar for a while, and feel like an extra support to the Sierra Club gives you the nudge to look more closely, please sign up today for a free appointment and solar estimate! Note that you need to use this special form, or self-identify as a Sierra Club supporter, for us to track the donation.