ReVision Energy's Phil Coupe speaking behalf of solar in Maine
Solar energy advocates said Tuesday that a report showing Portland behind most cities in harvesting power from the sun warrants renewed state support for solar power installations.

The report issued Friday indicated that cities like Honolulu, Hawaii, and San Jose, California, have adopted policies encouraging solar development that include setting specific goals, putting solar panels on public buildings, adopting local financing options and tax incentives and lobbying for state and federal support.

While supporters Tuesday afternoon noted the lack of policy supports in Maine, Coupe said, on sunnier days Portland has the primary ingredients required to boost solar adoption in a similar manner as its West Coast counterpart, Portland, Oregon.

“Over the past five years, they installed more than 15 megawatts of solar, compared with less than 1 megawatt in Portland, Maine, but our annual solar resource is the same,” Coupe said. “Both Portlands receive 33 percent more sunshine per year than Germany, the world leader in solar energy adoption.”

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