Potts Harbor Lobster Solar

Potts Harbor Lobster owner Jim Merryman with two Maine lobsters underneath his solar photovoltaic array

The Forecast covered our solar installation for Potts Harbor Lobster in Harpswell, Maine.

Dylan Martin writes:

HARPSWELL — Reversing Falls Lobster may be the first wharf in Maine to use grid-tied solar energy.

That’s according to owner Jim Merryman, who watched a small crew of local contractors from ReVision Energy of Portland install 44 solar panels Monday on two roofs of his wharf overlooking Ash Point Cove.

“As lobstermen, we practice sound, sustainable conservation measures every day to be good stewards of the ocean, to preserve this industry, to make sure that it’s there for future generations,” Merryman said on Monday evening after the panels were installed. “As a business owner, I wanted to take it to another level.”

… By securing a $11,750 grant from U.S. Department of Argriculture’s Rural Energy for America Program this past summer, Merryman said he was able to subsidize the $46,500 cost of his system.

“Solar was really the only feasible alternative energy source we could implement in this location,” said the wharf owner, who purchased the property formerly known as Bibber’s Lobster three years ago.

More information and full story with the Forecaster: http://www.theforecaster.net/news/print/2012/09/14/owner-hopes-sun-shines-harpswell-wharf/134797