Oakhurst Dairy Solar Power

The 41kw grid tied photovoltaic system on Oakhurst Dairy’s Waterville distribution center will offset over 70,000 lbs of C02 emissions annually by generating more than 45,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy.

“10% of Profit for Kids & the Environment” is written on every Oakhurst Dairy milk jug, reminding consumers that we can benefit our community by choosing local products made by responsible companies.

Investing in the communities it serves has made Oakhurst one of the most successful family-owned businesses in the region. The company is also investing in the environmental sustainability of its operations.

Oakhurst contracted ReVision Energy to design and install a 41 kilowatt grid-tied photovoltaic system to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions at its Waterville distribution center. ReVision designed Oakhurst’s system to provide maximum performance and longevity, at the lowest installed cost.

The system was installed in August 2009 by ReVision Energy’s in-house team of certified solar technicians. With no moving parts anywhere in the system and a 25-year panel warranty, Oakhurst can look forward to decades of maintenance-free, renewable energy production.

Below are some critical stats from the system:

System Output 45,000 kilowatt hours annually System Size 41 kW DC array
CO2 Reduction 70,000 lbs. annually Installed System Cost per watt $4.80
Photovoltaic Panels 216 Evergreen Solar 190-watt After Federal Tax Credit or Rebate $3.36
Inverters Three Fronius Uni inverters After Tax Benefit of Depreciation $1.98
Array Area 3,575 square feet After State Rebate $1.93
Mounting System Extruded anodized aluminum rails NET COST PER WATT $1.93
Expected Lifespan 50+ years ELECTRICITY PRICE, FIXED FOR 20 YRS $0.09 PER KWH

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