Tim Scott North Conway Community Center solar

Photo courtesy The Conway Daily Sun

Via The Conway Daily Sun, North Conway Community Center switched to LED lighting last fall, and now we’ve completed their solar array to kick off the spring! With LEDs and solar their electric bill will “probably go from $600 per month to $100 per month.” A happy Earth Day, indeed!

(Director Tim Scott) explained that because of net metering with the Electric Co-op, the surplus of energy that will be generated during the summer months will be banked for the darker seasons, thus saving them thousands of dollars.

If the center had had to pay for the project with its own money, the payback time would be about seven years, said Scott.

“It’s a payback to us immediately because we raised all the money,” he said. “We have taken off 1,000 kW hours per month just with the LED lights, and this will take care of almost all the rest of it.”

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