ReVision Energy's Dan Clapp

Since they went green in 2012, the oldest SPCA in the state has more money to spend on food and needed care for the animals awaiting their forever homes at the Portsmouth Avenue location. The facilities used to operate on oil-based heat and hot water, which cost $55,000 for the 2009-10 heating season. To reduce energy usage and cost, the SPCA began learning about becoming more energy efficient.

For Dennison, who had a third wood pellet silo placed on the property for the cats, who use wood pellets in their litter boxes, it is about the environment but it is more about the animals.

“It’s all about spending our donor dollars in a way that we are being good stewards,” Dennison said. “When we save money we have more food to go into the mouths of dogs and cats and the other animals.”

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