Rockland, Maine - Bright Built Barn

BrightBuilt Barn located in Rockport, Maine is a super insulated energy efficient prefabricated house designed by Kaplan Thompson Architects, a Portland based firm.

This home was created to be net zero, meaning it will be relying on its energy supply from renewable energy resources. The building is connected to the grid but is designed to produce as much energy as it uses over a year long average. The building is also seeking certification from the US Green Building Council to become LEED Platinum certified. LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED Platinum is the highest rating given by the US Green Building Council. If awarded, this will be only the second home in Maine to receive it. The first and currently the only LEED Platinum home in Maine is Cranberry Ridge designed by Wright-Ryan artitects located in Freeport, Maine.

ReVision Energy did the design and installation of the solar hot water and solar electric systems on this home. LED lighting around the base of BrightBuilt Barn are programmed to run in colors depending on the level of current energy use in the barn. Green means the house is producing more energy than its using, yellow means the home is producing about the same amount of energy as its using and red indicates that the current usage is exceeding its goal of net zero. This projects came together through a collaboration of efforts, with innovation applied to every detail. BrightBuilt Barn is working to raise awareness about energy usage, sustainability, and new building methods. See the New York Time’s published article at

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