Photo by Russ Williams of Kieve-Wavus

Photo by Russ Williams of Kieve-Wavus

ReVision Energy recently finished a new solar electric array at Wavus Camp for Girls in Jefferson, Maine. Here is a bit of the article from

The 36.4-kilowatt, grid-tied solar electric array was installed on the roof of the Wavus Barn at the camp on Damariscotta Lake and came online last month. A total of 136 solar panels cover the roof and will supply 11 percent of Kieve-Wavus Education’s annual electric use and will offset almost 20 tons of carbon pollution each year.

The orientation and solar exposure of the barn was ideal for the technology, said Jennifer Albee, customer relations manager for ReVision Energy in Liberty. It is expected to produce more than 42,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually and make power for 30-plus years.

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