Wolfeboro, New Hampshire - Solar Hot Water
Flat plate solar hot water collectors installed on a home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Solar hot water systems now qualify for an average $1,500 rebate from the state of New Hampshire.

As of Earth Day 2010, New Hampshire now offers a state solar hot water rebate program, which averages $1,500 for a typical residential solar hot water system.

This program is comparable to Maine’s existing $1,500 rebate – now it doesn’t matter which side of the mighty Piscataqua you’re on – renewable energy makes more sense than ever!

How the Rebate Works

The rebate is on a sliding scale based on BTU output of the system under peak solar conditions. The average rebate of $1,500 is for a typical family of four – larger systems qualify for up to $1,650 towards a system.

A few piece of fine print – the rebate can only be used for a primary residence in New Hampshire and can only be used for retrofits (no new homes – however, solar hot water for a new home is still a great investment because of the incredible life of the energy efficiency upgrades).

What Does a System Cost?

This new state rebate is in addition to a 26% uncapped federal tax credit. The net system budget for a typical 4-person household looks like this:

$11,000 gross installed cost
-($3,300) fed tax credit
-($1,500) state rebate
$6,200 net investment

Here are estimated payback periods for a 4-person system at different prices for heating oil:


Compared to electric water heating, a solar hot water system will save roughly 3,540 lbs of C02 from entering the atmosphere each year.

Get Started

Curious whether solar hot water is a good match for your New Hampshire home? ReVision is happy to offer a free solar site evaluation is the first step towards securing the state rebate.

In addition to answering any of your questions about solar, we review your home and site and help determine where a solar energy system would fit in. Several pieces of site data are required to qualify for the state rebate and we’ll collect all of those while we’re at your home.

Contact us or call our New Hampshire office (603) 501-1822 for more information.


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