MOFGA Solar on Red  Barn - Unity, MaineThe VillageSoup writes about several new solar energy systems installed by ReVision Energy in the Unity area, including the MOFGA fairgrounds, Unity College, and a private home.

ReVision recently completed work on a Unity residential project, is working on a project with Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association’s “Red Barn” in Unity, and a hot water system at Unity College’s new dormitory, Terrahaus.

In addition to promoting renewable energy and encouraging the transition away from fossil fuels, the projects are especially relevant for the ReVision Energy team at its Liberty office, as six of the 11 employees are graduates of Unity College.

“This technology is something we are all passionate about,” said John Luft, general manager of ReVision Energy’s Liberty location, in a press release. “Being a graduate of Unity College, it takes on a special significance to be working in this industry because Unity places such an emphasis on becoming more and more environmentally friendly. Plus, working ‘close to home’ is special in its own kind of way.”

Unity College’s Terrahaus project
will be the first American college residence with many environmentally-friendly features that will allow it to meet the Passive House standard. Among those features will be solar hot water.

More information and full article at Village Soup website.

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