Solar Hot Water Will Save Mainers Oil - Press Conference
ReVision Energy co-founder Phil Coupe speaks at a press conference held to announce a new report on the efficacy of solar hot water in Maine.

In a press conference last Thursday Environment Maine released a report finding that Mainers can save millions of gallons of oil a year with solar hot water.

“We need to do everything we can to get Maine off oil, and installing solar hot water systems is one of the no-brainers. We have long had the technology and know-how to harness the zero-cost heat of the sun to produce hot water, while at the same time cutting pollution and putting people to work in our communities. And more than ever we have a workforce that is ready to install these affordable solar systems on roofs across the state,” said Environment Maine Field Associate Nathaniel Meyer, speaking in front of Senator Justin Alfond’s East End home, which has a rooftop solar hot water system.

ReVision Energy co-founder Phil Coupe continued. “Solar hot water is one of the safest investments you can make – with relatively small upfront investments, the financial and environmental return is guaranteed,” he said. “Maine is ripe for this technology. We get 33% more sun than Germany, the world leader in solar installations. On a sunny 20-degree day, a solar hot water system can generate water that’s 130 degrees – water that’s too hot to shower in.”

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