The 2018 Mid-Term elections have huge implications for a range of issues, Solar Energy among them.

In Maine, the stakes are high because solar policy has failed to advance in the state-house for 3 sessions because of a specific dynamic: a veto by the Governor, and then landing 1-2 votes shy of a veto-proof majority when the Bill arrived in the Maine House of Representatives for an override vote.

To help voters educate themselves, we’ve compiled the record of all legislators who voted on solar who are running for office again.

Who’s consistently voted YES and who’s consistently voted NO? Learn in our first-ever Maine Solar Voter Guide.

Why Support Solar Policies?

Some factoids to help you in conversations with prospective candidates:

  • Solar has broad bipartisan support. The only opponents to solar tend to be a small, extreme wing that denies studies that prove solar’s efficacy. The most recent study found that solar reduced energy costs on the New England grid by $20 million during just 6 days of the hottest weather this past July.
  • A recent poll found that solar is the #1 most desired form of electricity by voters, with 76% of voters supporting accelerated solar deployment.
  • Solar’s myriad of benefits for society include:
    • Solar is more cost-effective than fossil-fuel alternatives, reducing the economic burden of paying to import dirty fuels from “Away” (Maine alone spends $5 billion/year on oil in various forms).
    • Solar offers energy independence and grid resilience to homeowners, communities, and regions. Municipalities love saving money long-term with solar, which helps keep taxes down and keeps more money in the local economy.
    • Solar drives the growth of well-paying, highly skilled jobs.
    • Solar provides a solution to mounting environmental problems that are a direct result of our over-reliance on fossil fuel energy sources.

Questions to Ask Prospective Candidates for Office:

  • What is your stance on solar energy?
  • Do you accept the scientific consensus that burning fossil fuels is having significant negative impacts on our climate and oceans?
  • What policies do you think we need in order to support the transition to clean energy?
  • (Maine-specific) Would you have voted to override the Governor’s Veto on Gross Metering? Did you know that passing Gross Metering created a fee on solar panels and is costing Maine ratepayers millions of dollars?

Learn which candidates are voting for solar here!

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