While oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico, in Maine levels of sunshine have hit epic proportions. We observe reactions by local residents of the phenomenon, and explore ways this solar spill could be put towards good use!

Photos of some folks who are putting this solar gusher to work:

Deerfield, New Hampshire - Solar Electricity

Exeter, New Hampshire - Combo Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

Topsham, Maine - Solar Hot Water


Jesse Ware says:

Nice video, love to see the positive side of the news!

Dennis & Mary Youland says:

we are just a lovin’ the solar hot water system you nstalled for us- it is terrific, it makes hot water more than just May to Ocober-almost any sunny day it runs,even in December !
Your workmanship is perfect, done on time, and fr the cost quoted,and when you left,my cellar was “pin neat”…Bravo!

Fred says:

Jesse, Dennis, Mary – Thanks so much for writing in!

Glad you appreciated the upbeat vibe. It’s certainly a scary crisis we’re all facing, but we prefer to look at the positive things we can do to make a difference.

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