Time: Thursday, July 29th, 6PM – 7:30PM
Location: 190 Bay Rd, Farmington, NH (Map)

Farmington, New Hampshire - Solar Power

Join Ernest and Judy Cardinal and Will Kessler and Fred Greenhalgh from ReVision Energy on Thursday, July 29 from 6PM – 7:30PM for an open house at the Cardinal’s residence, 190 Bay Rd, Farmington, NH.

The Cardinals recently installed an evacuated tube solar hot water system for heating domestic water and a 4.3 kilowatt grid-tied photovoltaic system. Both systems were eligible for state and federal rebates including a 26% federal tax credit on both systems, a $6,000 state cash rebate for solar electricity, and a $1,500 state cash rebate for solar hot water.

In addition to seeing a grid-tied solar energy system first hand, guests will learn about solar hot water systems for domestic hot water, dramatically more affordable prices for solar panels, state and federal government incentives, and how to use solar to lower utility bills and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

The evening starts with a meet and greet at 6PM, followed by a tour of the system and an informal presentation. Guests are encouraged to come by with questions and to sign up for a free site evaluation while at the open house; light refreshments to be served.

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