This spring, Outdoor Research Associates of Portsmouth is partnering with the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas to launch a new eco tourism program, with proceeds to benefit the New Hampshire Coastal Protection Partnership, your local nonprofit working to protect the natural resources of the Granite State’s coastal watershed.

Dr. Josh Carroll will lead NH Coast donors on a multi-day journey to the Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI), an environmental education and research center located on the turquoise shores of Eleuthera Island. Donors who contribute $2,750 will enjoy a five-day stay from May 3-7, with an extended eight-day eco vacation available from May 3-10 for those who donate $3,600. Round trip airfare and open-air beachfront accommodations are included, along with meals made from ingredients grown in CEI’s own organic garden and locally harvested fish and meats.

“The trip will include opportunities to take part in shark and coral research, visits to remote coral reefs, snorkeling, spear fishing, sailing on crystal waters, and relaxing around beach bonfires, all while learning about sustainability, island culture, and marine resources management,” Josh says.

“The CEI campus is solar powered, utilizes rainwater catchment, and all their vehicles run on biodiesel produced on site,” he notes. “Just by living there for a few days, people are going to absorb a lot about sustainability, and hopefully bring it home with them.”

“Our friends at ReVision Energy are even sponsoring carbon offsets to cover the greenhouse gas emissions we create on the flight down.”

Here’s your opportunity to learn about Ecotourism, tourism impacts, natural resource management practices in a developing island, get involved with marine research projects, snorkel, kayak, tour the island, and more!

  • When: The course will run May 3-10, 2012 (see How it Works, below)
  • Where: Cape Eleuthera Institute, Cape Eleuthera, the Bahamas
  • Who: Corporate or individual sponsors of NH Coast
  • How to be a Part of It: Visit
  • How it works: Donations of $2,750 to NH Coast are eligible for an all-inclusive spot on the May 3-7 trip. Donations of $3600 to NH Coast are eligible for an all-inclusive spot on the extended trip, May 3-10. All proceeds benefit NH Coast, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

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