ReVision’s Brentwood, NH office is happy to announce our latest addition, Tia Floyd! Tia is a University of New Hampshire student who was selected for the Social Innovation Internship program. Tia is going into her junior year with a dual major in Communication and EcoGastronomy. The EcoGastronomy major integrates sustainable agriculture, hospitality management, and nutrition. Tia interned with Walt Disney World in the Fall of 2016 and is heavily involved on campus as well. Thus far in her years at UNH, Tia has been the Vice President and Secretary of the Sawyer Hall Council, a social justice focused residence hall.

The Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise selects a handful of idealistic, high-achieving, impact-focused student leaders for the Social Innovation Internship program. Each student works as an intern at a different host organization that suits their skills and interests. A student is placed at the organization they are interested in working with after both parties interview one another and agree it is a good fit. Luckily for us, Tia is a natural fit into our culture, and she is excited to work with a Certified B Corp. At the end of the summer, interns present at a high-profile showcase on their experiences, and their recommendations for how UNH can better support student change-makers and social entrepreneurs.

While at ReVision, Tia will expand our school and community outreach program that educates, inspires, and moves people to action regarding the necessary transition to clean energy and complementary technologies. Tia will create community presentations, and bring fourth new ideas to improve on the current presentations. Another large part of Tia’s internship will include standardizing the STEM curriculum that ReVision delivers to local schools by collaborating with ReVision Energy staff, STEM teachers, and non-profit organizations to research program options. Though Tia is not in a STEM-specific major, she is a huge advocate for the importance of STEM education. She hopes to “inspire others to look into the personal, social, and environmental rewards to support STEM initiatives.”

When asked, “Why ReVision?” Tia replied, “As a double major with Communication and EcoGastronomy, I am very environmentally conscious. That is why the Social Innovation Internship at UNH interested me; more specifically, working with ReVision is what caught my eye. The Social Innovation Internship is for students who care about their peers, the environment, the university, and overall well-being of the community while trying to make a difference in this world. All of those aspects go hand-in-hand with ReVision’s values. I selected this company as my top choice because the opportunity to gain as much experiential knowledge of the renewable energy industry would be so beneficial to my personal and professional life.”

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