Hannaford Maine electric vehicle super charging station

Our 100% electric powered Nissan LEAF charging at a new supercharger at Hannaford location on Forest Ave, Portland, Maine. The Level III charging station can refuel the electric tank in around 30 minutes!

You can now charge your electric vehicle at Hannaford locations at Forest Avenue in Portland, Hannaford Drive in York, Topsham Fair Mall Rd in Topsham, 29 Whitten Rd in Augusta, and (soon) 415 Philbrook Avenue in South Portland. This investment makes Hannaford the first Maine grocer to add supercharging for electric vehicles!

ReVision Energy had the opportunity to install some of our first Level III ‘super’ charging stations (as well as some Level II ‘rapid’ chargers).

How super is super? You can take an all-electric Nissan LEAF, running on ’empty,’ and refuel it to a full charge in 20-30 minutes, enabling another 115 miles of zero emission, zipping driving. This is thanks to the charger’s incredible 480 volt charging capabilities!

The charging station accepts credit cards and cost automatically varies depending on the size of the car’s battery and its depletion level.

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