TerraHaus Eco-Friendly Dorms at Unity CollegeThe Morning Sentinel reported on the new TerraHaus eco-friendly student housing at Unity College.

Beth Staples writes:

Belfast-based G*O Logic architect Matthew O’Malia and carpenter Alan Gibson designed and built the nation’s first dorm to meet passive house certification standards.

The standards, the highest international standards for energy efficiency, require that the dorm use 90 percent less energy for space heating than standard buildings.

… A solar hot water system installed by ReVision Energy of Liberty and Portland will provide hot water for showers and washing dishes.

Jesse Pyles, Unity’s sustainablilty coordinator, said 10 of the college’s 500-plus students were chosen by lottery to live in the cottage.

The lottery winners agreed to participate in educational programs, including giving tours of the one-of-kind dorm.

Read more at The Morning Sentinel.

Photos from Our Solar Project Gallery

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