GO Logic Passive Solar Home - Belfast, MaineThe GO Home in Belfast, Maine is slated to be the first “Passive House” in Maine. ReVision designed and installed the solar electric and solar hot water systems.

MPBN recently featured a segment on a building slated to become Maine’s first official “Passive House,” the GO Home in Belfast, Maine (click here to listen). This super efficient house is a prototype for the 36-home Belfast Cohousing and Ecovillage slated to begin construction in the Spring of 2010.

Similar to the LEED program, a Passive House meets very strict requirements for building efficiency and performance, specifically regarding insulation values and energy consumption requirements (details at the Passive House website).

The GO Home was designed as a solution to the high fossil fuel energy consumption of many Maine homes, which generally require large amounts of fuel to heat due to inefficient building techniques, drafts, and poor insulation.

Among the GO Home’s energy efficient building elements are triple glazed windows, doors with three air seals, foundation insulation and comprehensive air sealing – including sealing underneath the foundation and on the building envelope.

The house itself is constructed out of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), which are 6-inch thick urethane foam with an outer layer of OSB. The design of the panels enables consistent insulation throughout the building shell without any “thermal bridges,” poorly insulated areas that conduct heat to the outside (such as 2×4 framing present in many homes).

To offset what energy the GO Home does consume, GO Logic called in ReVision Energy to install solar electric and solar hot water systems. The solar electric system consists of 2.7KW of Canadian Solar panels, which will offset roughly 4,900 lbs. of CO2 emissions annually. The 60-tube Apricus solar hot water array is sized to meet the needs of a family of four, and will produce an estimated 14,200,000 BTUs of clean, renewable heat energy annually.

Learn more at the GO Logic website.