South Freeport, Maine - Combo Solar Electric and Solar Hot WaterThe combined solar hot water and solar electric systems at Meredeth Winter’s home will offset more than 14,000 lbs of C02 emissions each year.

We recently had the delight of installation a combination solar hot water and solar electric system for Meredeth Winter in South Freeport.

Meredeth’s 4.8kw grid tied photovoltaic array will generate over 6,602 kWh annually, enough to offset 8,583 lbs of C02 emissions.

Meanwhile, her Chromagen flat plate solar hot water collectors will produce more than 19,000,000 BTUs of clean, renewable heat energy annually, offsetting an additional 6,000 lbs of emissions!

Below is an account, in her own words, of the experience deciding to go solar with ReVision Energy:

It would be hard to speak too highly of the wonderful job ReVision Energy did in designing and installing the solar system for our home. From the first walk-around the property, through the proposal, the logistical arrangements, the paperwork for rebates, the installation and the follow-up afterwards, every step was handled not just professionally, but quickly and warmly. You get the sense that every person on staff is happy and skilled in their job and approaches each day knowing that they are doing their part to make the world a better place.

Once we determined what we wanted to include in our system (both hot water and PV panels) and committed to the project, we got a clear sense of what the process looked like and when installation would occur. I received thoughtful advice (that included crawling around in odd nooks and crannies of the house) on installation options to minimize the visual impact inside the house.

Meanwhile, on the roof, it must have been a large solar-powered jigsaw puzzle experience fitting all the panels just so. Actual installation began right on schedule and went more quickly than I could have dreamed. Everyone seemed to know their part in the process and went quietly and efficiently to their work, taking time to answer questions from my young children and to pet the extra large and inquisitive dog along the way. I work from home and was on hand to answer questions, but these were kept to a minimum. Each time I emerged from a phone meeting or concentrated session at my computer, it was hard to believe the amount of progress made.

As a side note, there was one incident that really highlighted the dedication to the planet shared by ReVision’s employees. The gentleman who was working with the boiler and hot water heater pulled me aside to tell me of a discovery he had made during the day. We have hot water pipes that run under our front brick patio for snow melt. I’m ashamed to say that I had noticed over time that the bricks seemed to be warm all the time, not just when I turned on the timer switch. From time to time I thought that I ought to do something about it, but it had never quite risen to the top of the to-do list. At any rate, during his time in our furnace room, this gentleman had noticed the furnace working when it shouldn’t have been and began to trace pipes and wires.

Upon tracing the furnace use to the pipes under the patio, he investigated further. It turns out that in addition to the timer switch that I knew of, there was an exterior unit buried behind the bushes at the side of the house, designed to automatically turn on the bricks when snow piled up on it. This unit was corroded beyond use and so constantly sent signals to the heating pipes to be running hot. Once disabled – voila – the pipes now work as designed: when turned on manually they melt the snow; when not needed they rest and don’t burn energy. When I expressed my gratitude for going above and beyond the call, the simple answer was that it didn’t do much good to look for ways to reduce reliance on oil in one way when another part of our energy profile was busy burning unneeded energy day-in and day-out. If your job is to make the world a better place, you don’t ignore things just because they’re not detailed in the contract. What a wonderful lesson to take away!

A mere couple of days later, there I was, a proud energy producing station. I found myself glued to the monitor that shows me just how much power the sun has, even on short, wintry Maine days. I have to say that I look forward to receiving the electric bill in a way that I never would have imagined before. Many thanks to everyone at ReVision who got me to that moment.

Thank you to Meredeth, again, for your very kind words and for making a difference by going solar!

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