Carroll, New Hampshire
One of the best parts of a solar job is getting to work to preserve vistas like this mountain view in Carroll, New Hampshire

After previously reporting a “Boom in Solar Jobs” after the first-ever US Solar Jobs Census reported that solar jobs are growing almost 13x more quickly than the rest of the economy, Foster’s Daily Democrat has followed up to report “Solar energy jobs growing quickly.”

In the article, Vicky Guay interviews several local solar firms to see if the national trend is mirrored in New Hampshire. In ReVision’s case, our growth is on certainly on track with the sunny trend!

State Rep. David Borden, D-New Castle, a member of the state’s Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Board recently said if all homes with south-facing roofs in the state — which represents 30 percent of all homes — were to install solar hot water or photovoltaic systems, it would put more than $2 billion dollars into the economy and create some 28,000 full-time jobs … Many solar industry employers in the state are mirroring the national trend by continuing to hire more workers.

Dan Clapp, manager of ReVision Energy in Dover and Exeter, said they recently hired six new employees in Maine and New Hampshire, bringing their number of employees up to more than 35.

… He added that their recent growth is evidence of an increased demand for solar energy systems.

“That’s due to a combination of a few things,” Clapp said. “First there is federal tax credits and state incentives such as rebates. Second, the price of solar energy systems is coming down, and third, the economy is starting to recover.”

… Frederick Greenhalgh, online marketing manager and sales associate with ReVision, estimates that, by the end of this year, the company will have installed twice as many systems as it installed last year.

“So it’s a significant increase,” Greenhalgh said.

Read more about the exciting movement in the world of solar jobs on the Foster’s website.

The economics for solar energy systems continues to improve, especially as the true cost of fossil fuel dependency becomes evident. Thanks to new state rebates, residential solar hot water in New Hampshire is eligible for a rebate package of up to $5,750!

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