Falmouth, Maine - Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

Solar cash incentives and all-time low equipment prices are making it possible for people to act now on their long-standing goals to reduce fossil energy dependence and pollution.

“Our motivation for going solar was two-fold: to be more globally conscious and to reduce our energy expenditures.  Of the two, being globally conscious was by far the bigger factor.  We had been talking about having solar hot water and solar electric systems installed for years, but the current deals were too good to pass up,” said Allen Hayman of Falmouth.

More than $16,000 in Rebates Available

The deals available for Hayman’s 5kw grid-tied solar photovoltaic system and 60-tube solar hot water array included a 26% federal tax credit on both systems, plus a $2,000 Maine rebate for solar electricity, and a $1,000 rebate for solar hot water (ReVision provided an additional ‘multi-system’ discount in light of the Haymans installing both systems simultaneously).  All told, incentives and rebates reduced the total project cost by over $16,000!

“The installation was better than we had expected (and we had high expectations based on friends’ testimonials prior to the project),” Hayman says.  “The workers were quick, conscientious, and very professional.  The entire project was complete in less than two days and [ReVision] left our house cleaner than when they arrived.  It was amazing.  (Tim) even brought in our empty garbage cans from the road on garbage day!”

Offsetting 14,500 lbs of C02 emissions annually

The Hayman’s 5kw solar power system will produce more than 6,880 kilowatt hours of clean, renewable electricity annually.  At today’s electricity prices, that equals $1,100 in annual savings. Mainers should take note that CMP has received final approval to spend $1.4 billion to upgrade transmission infrastructure, which guarantees that grid electric rates will increase regularly in the future (the first hike was just announced on June 28).

From an environmental standpoint, Allen Hayman’s grid-tied pv system will offset roughly 8,950 lbs. of CO2 emissions annually from fossil fuel power plants. The solar hot water system will offset more than 5,500 lbs. of CO2 each year by reducing annual oil consumption by roughly 300 gallons. Hayman reports that a silent oil boiler during the summer is golden…there is no need for it to burn oil when hot water for showers is being produced by clean, renewable solar energy.

For the Haymans, the substantial CO2 emissions reduction truly makes the systems worth the investment.  “I know that saying the decrease in our carbon footprint might be viewed as a cliche response, but I love to watch the electric meter run backwards,” Hayman says.  “It is exquisitely satisfying to see that we are making a difference with our reduced fossil fuel consumption.  I look forward to a lifetime of backward spinning meters and enjoying hot showers produced by sunshine!”

If you’re interested in seeing the Haymans’ system up close, we’ll be offering an open house on Thursday, July 22nd, from 6PM – 7:30PM at their home on 7 Goldenrod Lane, Falmouth, ME (Map)


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