Article from our April “Kids’ Edition” newsletter

Just because we’re all staying home right now doesn’t mean we can’t get out and Enjoy the Sun! There are plenty of fun activities you can do right in your own backyard. We’ve chosen five below, but we know we have some creative newsletter-readers out there. What backyard activities have you come up with to get outside and celebrate spring?

Build a Fairy House

Fairy Houses are great because they can be done in any size yard, with any materials – as long as they’re natural, of course! Acorn caps make great bowls or sinks, fallen pine needles are comfy beds, and luckily there are tons of sticks down right now to build ladders and balconies! Design a house for a fairy queen and go back and check on it the next day. Does it look lived in??

Design Your Own (Frisbee) Golf Course

You can use all of those downed sticks to create holes, or you can pick a couple trees to aim for! This can be played with a tennis ball, golf ball, frisbee, or basically anything you can throw (there are lots of pinecones down right now too…) And the best part is you can keep creating new holes. Become the best course architect and see how difficult you can make it without frustrating your entire family!

Do a Yard or Woods Clean-Up

It’s spring which means there’s definitely some debris and trash in your yard or local woods. We’re big fans of nature clean-ups at ReVision Energy, so get out and help us win the fight against litter! A couple ReVisionistas cleaned up the Exeter Woods last month and removed a lot of garbage. Always wear gloves, and use a pick-up stick if you can.

Backyard Flower Hunt, Backyard Birding

There are some beauties blooming right now and it’s inspiring hope across New England. Can you spot a daffodil in your yard yet? Or maybe some snowdrops, crocuses, or violets? The birds have also started to flock back in! Chickadees, robins, bluebirds, are all chirping away out there. If you look a little higher you might even spot a hawk or an eagle. Check out our webinar with Maine Audubon (LINK TO IT) to learn how you can identify the birds visiting your yard.

Sidewalk Chalk Inspiration

There’s been some beautiful sidewalk chalk art around lately. We’re big fans of drawing the sun, of course, but we also recommend drawing rainbows, spirals, happy faces, and balloons. Leave an inspirational message for someone walking by who needs a happy message! Have you drawn something incredible? Send it to us and we’ll feature it on our┬ásocial media!

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