Brunswick, Maine - Evacuated Tube SolarThe Bangor Daily News reports on the new partnership between ReVision Energy and Downeast Energy, aimed at making solar hot water solutions more available to Mainers as well as promoting Downeast’s biofuel product.

Mike McCormack, vice president of sales and marketing for Downeast, said the company’s customers have been asking about solar energy water heater systems with more frequency, both in surveys and in their contact with employees.

Downeast chose to seek an expert partner rather than build the solar capacity in-house, and McCormack approached ReVision, he said.

The partnership between a more traditional energy and an alternative energy firm may be seen as counterintuitive, said Phil Coupe, ReVision co-founder. After all, many seek solar or other energy resources to get away from fossil fuels.

“The reality is, everyone in Maine needs traditional fuels to make it through a Maine winter,” said Coupe.

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