Durham Boat Solar Electricity

A 29KW solar electric system installed for Durham Boat (Durham, NH) has dramatically reduced their electricity costs

ReVision Energy recently completed installation of a 29kw solar electric array on the roof of Durham Boat, a manufacturer of carbon fiber oars and rigging parts. Since the system was installed, Durham Boat has reduced their single phase energy usage by 53% and their polyphase energy usage by 31% coompared to their consumption last year.

“The solar installation is a great way to improve overall efficiency, reduce base costs, and hedge against future energy costs,” says Coleen Fuerst of Durham Boat, “The project will not improve our company’s bottom line for 2012 and for years to come, but it has stimulated the local economy while also doing something positive for the environment in the process.”

The double win – environmental and economic benefits – was particularly appreciated by Durham Boat, whose primary business is providing equipment for rowing, a low impact sport. Durham Boat has various eco-friendly programs, which include a conservation program, a recycling program, and a scrap metal program, which have all contributed to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Fuerst added, “We would like to thank ReVision for helping us meet the schedule needed to receive all three of the grants that they received. This solar installation project was a huge success and it is exciting to see so many benefits from it not only economically, but environmentally as well.”

Durham Boat benefited from a number of state and federal programs which are still available for businesses that wish to go solar. All businesses can benefit from a 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit, and Accelerated Depreciation Benefits. In New Hampshire, there is a further state rebate up to 25% of project cost (and additional rebates for NHEC members), while in Maine there is a recently increased $4,000 maximum state rebate for commercial solar projects. ReVision can also help businesses identify time-sensitive grant opportunities as they appear, contact us for details.

Thanks to Derek at the Green Alliance for contributions to this story. See the original version here: http://www.greenalliance.biz/blog/archives/201205/revisions-solar-energy-project-already-producing-significant-benefits

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