Photo by Tesla/Solar City

Recently, ReVision Energy founder Phil Coupe was asked to comment on Tesla’s solar roof tile innovation for Green Building Advisor:

We don’t want to be a wet blanket on the whole affair but we’re waiting to be convinced this is a game-changing product as opposed to another really excellent marketing hook from Tesla/SolarCity that gets their name in print but doesn’t actually do a whole lot for fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.”

More from Phil at the full article:


Corwyn says:

They may be game changing, if the game is convince people who care more about the look of their house, than the look of their planet. Such people do exist, and we need to get them on board for solar. Plenty of bigger fights, though.

For me, there should improve the Solar Shingle because it is hassle to install one by one then connecting lots of electrical wire into converter. The problem is these electrical wire will cause for having a mess.

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