If you missed our latest Getting off Oil presentation do not worry because we are going to be holding this event again! We had such a great turnout to our first Wood Boiler Seminar we decided to hold the next Getting off Oil: Making the Switch to a High Efficiency Wood or Wood Pellet Central Heating System on Tuesday March 3rd from 5-7pm. The event will be held in our Liberty shop located at 91 W Main Street, Liberty, ME 04949. The event is free and all are welcome. If you have questions regarding this event, please call Holly at 589-4171.

An event such as this is a wonderful opportunity to learn how you can implement a sustainable heating system into your home. As oil prices are becoming increasingly unstable many people are looking towards renewable energy as a solution. In Maine what better abundance of renewable energy do we have accessible than the woods that surround us. The wood boilers that we sell and install are gasification wood boilers; these are different than a typcial outdoor wood boiler. Because they run at such high temperatures, these gasification wood boilers are producing heat at 80-90% efficiencies. This means there is very little waste in your heat product and very little smoke emittance. We sell a number of different gasification wood boilers. Most of our wood boilers are indoor boilers. All of our wood boilers require a dedicated flue and a conventional back up heat source. You can purchase just the wood or wood pellet boiler on its own, or you can integrate a thermal storage unit to increase its efficiency and to decrease the number of times you will have to feed your boiler. The wood boiler you see pictured in this article is called the Greenwood Aspen. This is actually one of the only gasification outdoor wood boilers on the market today. The Aspen runs better than 2xs the efficiency of a regular outdoor wood boiler. The benefit to keeping your boiler outdoors is that you don’t have to run an additional flue in your home. These boilers keep you nice and toasty all winter long. You can feel good about heating your home with wood and knowing that when its cold outside, your wood boiler will be keeping you nice and warm inside.

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I have interest in the wood boilers. Does the state of Maine have programs for tax incentives for such installations?

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