Maine Farmland TrustThank you supporters of The Brunswick-Topsham Land who helped us reach the 500 “Check in” goal for July! $500 in funds are on their way to support the Tom Settlemire Community Garden. In Mid-August, ReVision Energy crew came out to help install a solar-powered water pumping station for the Garden. See photos of the solar powered water pumping here. Here’s to good growing!

Speaking of vegetables, our focus for September is Maine Farmland Trust, a statewide organization committed to strengthening farming in Maine, whose mission includes protecting and preserving Maine’s farmlands, keeping agricultural lands working and supporting the future of farming in Maine.

About Maine Farmland Trust

Tide Mills Farm Dairy Vegetables Meat
A shot from Tide Mills Farm, a farm supported by MFT, from the video series Meet Your Farmer

Structured as a land trust, MFT is Maine’s leading force in preserving farmland, often working in partnership with local and regional land trusts. But MFT is equally engaged in keeping farming vital. Programs such as FarmLink place next-generation farmers on land. Their Buy/Protect/Sell program, helps make farmland more affordable for farmers, and their Farm Viability projects help existing farmers prosper, through both direct assistance and innovative community projects.

Since their founding in 1999, MFT has participated in over 139 land transactions that have preserved more than 26,000 acres of farmland. MFT is leading the efforts of farmers, landowners, local land trusts, farm groups, towns and state agencies collaborating to keep Maine’s productive agricultural land available for farming now and in the future.

MFT estimates that as much as 400,000 acres of Maine’s best farmland (or about one-third of the state’s farmland resource) will be in transition in the next 10 years, simply because of the age of the landowners. Much of this land is at risk of not being available for farming in the future unless MFT and its partner groups successfully intervene. MFT’s goal to preserve 100,000 acre is supported by a detailed plan to get there, and by a major fundraising campaign that was publicly launched in late 2010.

Time to Check in

Your ‘check in’ this month directly supports the Maine Farmlands Trust efforts to foster the future of farming in Maine. Fill in your name in the form below to earn $1 towards our $500 fundraising goal.