Island Institute Maine EcologySeptember was a blazing success for Check in for Charity, with $500 raised in the shortest time ever thanks to supporters of New Hampshire Audubon. We’re thrilled to support their good work and hope to collaborate again in the future.

This October we’re looking off the coast of Maine, to the Island Institute and their fantastic work advocating for Maine’s year-round island communities and their needs, which are deeply entwined with sustainability and preservation of precious natural resources.

Island Institute

Water Walk with the Island Institute
Collecting water during a recent water walk with Island Institute. Photo by Leslie Bowman.

The Island Institute is a nonprofit organization that serves as a voice for the balanced future of the islands and waters of the Gulf of Maine. We are guided by an island ethic that recognizes the strength and fragility of Maine’s island communities and the finite nature of the Gulf of Maine ecosystems. Along the Maine Coast, the Island Institute seeks to:

  • support the islands’ year-round communities;
  • conserve Maine’s island and marine biodiversity for future generations;
  • develop model solutions that balance the needs of the coast’s cultural and natural communities;
  • provide opportunities for discussion over responsible use of finite resources, and provide information to assist competing interests in arriving at constructive solutions.

Island Institute’s perspective is fundamentally ecological, based on an understanding that all life is intimately linked with its environment; that people are therefore an inextricable part of the ecosystem of the Gulf of Maine; that there is an interdependent web of existence more evident on islands than in other communities and landscapes.

They also recognize that the maritime culture of islands fundamentally depends on the ecological health and productivity of the surrounding marine environment. To imagine Maine and its islands without a productive lobster fishery, for instance, is like viewing the American prairie without the buffalo.

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