Cultivating Community Food Programs Portland MaineThanks to supporters of Kieve-Wavus Education, who successfully fundraised $500 to go towards their experiential programs and camps for youth and adults.

For July our focus is on Cultivating Community, an organization that empowers young people and fosters environmental stewardship through , and guidance from inspirational role models.

About Cultivating Community

Cultivating Community (based in Portland, Maine and active in greater Portland and greater Lewiston) is committed to growing sustainable communities in three ways: by feeding our hungry, empowering our youth and community, and healing our planet.

Cultivating Community at Deering Oaks Farmer's Market

Farmer selling produce at Deering Oaks farmer’s market (Photo Credit: Cultivating Community)

Cultivating Community is a community food project. In their urban and school gardens and at their suburban organic farm, they grow produce that feeds hungry people. They use that community food work as a platform for youth and community development. Their youth grow and distribute food, learn about sustainable agriculture and food systems, and work together to solve problems and strengthen their own communities. They have independent youth programs as well as partnerships with schools. They are also a farmer training project.

They connect Maine’s newest Americans-primarily immigrants from East Africa and Central America-with the land, skills, and resources needed to start farm-based enterprises. In connection with this they operate a community garden in a predominantly refugee neighborhood of Portland and provide farmland access in Lisbon, ME near Lewiston. Finally, Cultivating Community is an environmental action project. They model organic, sustainable, and low-impact practices and incorporate these ideals into their education, training, and volunteer programs.

Time to Check in

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