York Country Shelter Programs - Shaker Hill, Alfred, MaineThe York County Shelters atop Shaker Hill in Maine was one of the first homeless shelters in the country to adopt solar energy

Our people-supported nonprofit fundraising program, Check in for Charity, returns this March with a campaign to support the York County Shelter Programs, located atop Shaker Hill in Alfred, Maine. The Shelters service the hungry and homeless throughout York County, with emergency housing, permanent housing, dining commons and apartments in Alfred, Sanford, and other locations in Southern Maine.

In addition to serving hundreds of those in need each year, the Shelter is an environmental leader.

They were the first shelter in Maine to incorporate a suite of renewable technologies: they called upon ReVision Energy to install solar hot water, solar electricity, and a wood boiler for heating at their Vinton Hall in Alfred in 2009.

Further efforts include a commitment to reusing and recycling, composting, energy efficiency, and to educating residents and volunteers about sustainability issues. These efforts earned York County Shelter Programs an Environmental Leadership award from Maine DEP, and the first ever Green Alliance Sustainable Commerce Scholarship.

The Shadow of Hunger

While the need for their programs has never been greater – the number of people relying on the Shelters’ Food Pantry for their food has doubled, and the price of purchasing food has skyrocketed – the Shelter is facing a looming budget gap. The York County Commissioners abruptly cut $31,000 of county funding from the Shelter this year.

The Shelter’s response to this challenge is to reaffirm their core belief – that hunger is unacceptable – by bringing attention to the issues of hunger and economic injustice through a campaign called Mothers and Others Against Hunger.

The Shelter is requesting donations of $50, either in cash or in food, from concerned individuals, restaurants, caterers, farmers, and food-related businesses in Southern Maine and New Hampshire. Those who join the campaign will receive recognition on several websites, Facebook Pages and a local newspaper advertisement to be run in May 2012. More information at the Mothers and Others Against Hunger website: http://www.mothersandothersagainsthunger.org.

The campaign also features a full line-up of events during a “Hunger Awareness Week,” beginning on Mother’s Day, May 13, with a Mother’s Day Dessert and Tea event in Alfred, a talk on hunger, and the Fifth Annual 5k Run/Two Mile Walk for the Homeless and Hungry on Saturday, May 19, held at Mothers Beach in Kennebunk.

Sadly, one in five children in Maine face food insecurity today, and the Shelter is calling upon Mothers – and Others! – to help put this to an end. The Shelter calls up a rich history of Mother’s Day, which historically has been a day to highlight social justice causes, such as Coretta Scott King’s historic 1968 Mother’s Day March to bring attention to women and poverty.

Time to Check In!

You can help support York County Shelters through your participation in our Check in for Charity campaign. Fill in your name below (email is completely optional, and all information you send will NEVER leave ReVision Energy) to earn $1 towards our $500 fundraising goal for the York County Shelters this month.