Center for Wildlife - Cape Neddick, Maine
Kristen from the Center for Wildlife poses with non-releasable education falcon, Freyja, before the new solar hot water system at CFW’s main building.

The Center for Wildlife, a wildlife rehabilitation center based in Cape Neddick, Maine installed solar hot water collectors on their roof to supply the domestic hot water load of their main office building.

Two Chromagen flat plate solar hot water collectors are working to heat water in a 52 gallon solar storage tank. This tank acts to preheat their existing hot water tank. An electric component acts as a back up heat source for times when the solar is not able to meet the tank’s setpoint temperature. This ensures a consistent supply of hot water at the tap.

On a good sunny day, the solar system will produce a 60-80 degree temperature rise in both tanks, producing more than 14 million BTUs of clean renewable heat energy. By reducing the amount of electricity the Center will consume to heat water, over 4200 lbs of CO2 emissions will be eliminated on an annual basis.

The Center for Wildlife’s staff and volunteers provide medical care, safe sanctuary and humane treatment for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife until they can be released back into the wild. The Center has been established for 23 years and focuses on educating the general public and provides school programs to raise awareness of the many wonderful wild species that live among us.

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More Photos of the Solar Hot Water Installation:

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