Portsmouth, NH - Solar Electric (PV)
A 4kw solar electric system recently installed in Portsmouth, NH with premium Sunpower solar electric modules.

This just in from the NH PUC – the residential solar electric (GTPV) rebate in New Hampshire has returned! The rebate, available for systems under 5kw in capacity, is $1.25 per watt up to a maximum of $4,500 or 50% of the system cost, whichever is less.

Of the $927,964 of funding, $500,000 is already committed to waitlisted projects, so if you want to take advantage of the credit, the time to act is now! Combined with unprecedented solar electric prices (in the $4.5/watt range), grid-tied photovoltaic (GTPV) systems are an incredible deal in New Hampshire.

Here is what a 3.6kw system, enough to make out the rebate, looks like:

$16,200 gross installed cost
-($4,860) 26% federal tax credit
-($4,500) state of NH rebate
$6,840 net investment

This system locks in your electric rate for 20 years at around .06c/kWh!!!  At today’s prices, the system will produce around $750/yr worth of electricity, for a payback of under 10 years.

As half of the funds are already committed, we urge you to act now if you want to take advantage of this generous state incentive.  Contact us to get started with a free evaluation.

Full details on the NH Solar rebate on PUC website: http://www.puc.nh.gov/Sustainable%20Energy/RenewableEnergyRebates.html

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