Barnstead, NH - Solar Power
Bob Emory’s 4.7kw grid tied solar electric array will offset over 7,600 lbs of CO2 emissions each year.

On a clear day you can see Mt. Washington from Bob Emory’s home in Barnstead, New Hampshire. With such vibrant natural splendor in one’s backyard, it’s hard not to care passionately for the rugged landscape that characterizes Northern New England.

Affectionately calling himself a “treehugger,” Emory says that “Solar has been on my radar for decades,” ever since the days when lead acid batteries were the norm.

With the development of grid-tied solar, which interties directly with the electric grid and requires no moving parts, Emory felt that the technology had finally come of age. And with prices of coming down and a generous 26% federal tax credit available, the economics worked out, too.

Solar Power and the Big Picture

With all of the troubles in the world, Emory feels good that his solar energy system is making a tangible difference, reducing CO2 emissions in the region by offsetting his home’s power use. “I can’t stop tsunamis,” he says, “So solar is the next best thing.”

He is a loyal attendee of the Common Ground Fair held each September in Unity, Maine, and it was there he bumped into ReVision Energy. Apparently, our reputation precedes us as he remarks that “I was really just making sure you didn’t do something that ruled you out.”

So far, so good – he feels great about his decision to choose us as his partner in transitioning to renewable energy, which he felt was summed up the first words one of our installers said when we arrived on the job site – “Thank you for going green.”

The System

Emory’s system consists of 4.7kw of grid-tied solar electric panels that will produce around 5,875 kWh of clean solar electricity each year. Bob reports that during recent sunny spring days his system reports an output of around 32.5 kWh, power he is happy not to be buying from PSNH!

With PV just installed, Bob is already talking about solar hot water for his home – particularly because of the generous New Hampshire state rebate.

“I have nothing but very high praise from start to finish,” Emory says, “ReVision is a company who stands behind their systems and has been personable throughout the process. I look forward to many years of solar power ahead!”

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