Camden & Rockland Division of Aqua Maine
Aqua Maine’s new water treatment facility in Rockport uses solar hot water and solar electric systems which will work together to provide over 80,000 kw/hr of energy each year.

The Free Press, today featured our recent project with the Camden and Rockland Division of Aqua Maine.

The new $7.2 million wastewater treatment facility in Mirror Lake in Rockport features both solar electric and solar hot water systems.

The solar systems will work in tandem to provide more than 75% of the needed energy to heat 2,500 gallons of treated lake water to 95° F each day (a feat that requires up to 1,209,300 BTUs in the wintertime!).

According to The Free Press:

The new facility uses more power to push water through the filters, and the microfiltration membranes must be periodically cleaned with heated water. Rick Knowlton, vice president of operations, says, “While the original design of the facility included a large electric heater to warm water for the membrane cleaning process, we knew that this would be a perfect application for a solar thermal system to supplement or reduce the use of the electric heater. Almost 2,500 gallons of warm water will be needed every day, and the solar system being constructed should reduce our purchased electricity by 80,000 kWh every year. It’s one of the larger solar systems installed in Maine.”

Over the first 20 years of its life, the system is expected to save over $210,000 in electric costs. And according to The Free Press, “the power savings have been passed on to the Camden & Rockland Division customers as part of the recent Maine PUC decision on rates.”

Not only will Midcoast Mainers benefit financially from the project, but they can breathe a little easier, too. The solar system will offset roughly 1.27 million pounds of C02 each year, the equivalent of planting over 3,600 trees.

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Ja Fariello says:

This is a interesting article. I have worked in the photovoltaics industry for about 14 years and it is insane how fast things are progressing. For alot of us this is a exciting page of history so let’s hope stay on the pace.

Fred says:

Thanks for the comments, Ja. We were all just talking about how incredible it is that solar is being taken seriously for these kind of municipal buildings – it’s a beautiful facility and the solar energy system is really state-of-the-art.

– Fred

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