Apricus Solar Hot Water System

This Apricus solar hot water system is used for radiant floor heating as well as domestic hot water

Apricus is one of our favorite manufacturers of evacuated tubes used in solar hot water installations.

We’ve found Apricus’ tubes to be reliable, affordable, and extremely efficient – with the average system eliminating the use of 300 gallons of oil in the ordinary home (and knocking 5500lbs of C02 out of the atmosphere each year).

New data by the SRCC (Solar Rating and Certification Corporation) shows that Apricus tubes tested to provide 10% more BTUs per panel in every combination of temperature and weather since their last testing in 2004.

According to the new data, on a day like today (overcast, 30 degrees) the tubes will generate up to 9,500 BTUs per panel.  To check this, ReVision Energy checked the temperature on our tubes on a cloudy day in January, and our rooftop collectors had heated water to 140 degrees.

The answer is yes, the technology still works if it is cloudy outside!

Solar hot water systems have proven to be as reliable as photovoltaic (solar electric) systems over time, and due to great incentives from federal and state governments, the cost of a system can be cash flow positive from day one.

A solar hot water investment can generally be paired with improvements to your oil boiler, which will drastically reduce (or even eliminate) the need to fire your boiler in the summertime, when running it is least efficient.

Pictures of solar hot water systems designed and installed by ReVision in Maine are available in our solar hot water project gallery.

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