Santa Maria Alpacas - Madbury, New Hampshire
The PV system was installed on a sunny shed where Alpacas live. The 4.2 kw system will offset nearly four tons of C02 annually.

Cecilia Pinto Lord, proprietor of Santa Maria Alpacas, a small alpaca farm in Madbury, New Hampshire, contacted ReVision Energy’s New Hampshire office asking how she could use solar to stabilize her long term energy costs.

Lord said she thought that there was phenomenal solar gain in an open field that the Alpacas inhabit, which we confirmed after a site evaluation.

We then designed a system that would provide renewable solar electricity for the entire property – a 4.2 kilowatt grid-tied Sunpower photovoltaic system we installed right on the sunniest of the Alpaca’s sheds.

This grid-tied solar electric system has no maintenance requirements, and produces around 5,600 kWh each year, offsetting about 7,500 pounds of CO2 emission that would have otherwise been purchased from the utility.

Cecilia recently called us and said: “I got my electric bill for April the other day, and it was zero!”

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